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"Our prenup means peace of mind"

I can't express how thankful I am to The Feit Law Firm and the exceptional services they provided to create my prenuptial agreement and plan for marriage. Debra made the legal aspects clear and straight forward and we understand our next steps. We felt completely supported throughout the process and have peace of mind knowing that we have protected our assets for each other, not from each other.

- Patricia, Delray Beach

"I used a trust and now my financial legacy is secure"

My experience with The Feit Law Firm was outstanding. I wanted to protect my individual assets with a trust for the benefit of my marriage and future family. Debra took the time to understand my unique circumstances, needs, and ultimate goals. Debra created a plan that met my criteria, explained how it worked, and finalized the plan. She kept me informed and made sure I understood each step of the way. I highly recommend Debra and The Feit Law Firm.

- B. Marie, Palm Beach

"My partner didn't want a prenup..."

When my partner refused to consider having a prenup, I decided to explore other options to protect my assets. I wasn't sure because I didn't think I had enough money to protect. I am so thankful to The Feit Law Firm for the invaluable guidance Debra offered and she treated me like I had all the money in the world. She provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed to do this by myself, making the process straightforward and manageable.

- Sharon, Fort Lauderdale