the money talk 


Discover the game changer in your relationship.  "the money talk" isn't just another card game - its a powerful tool for financial planning and relationship building. Start discussing finances in a fun and interactive way. Elevate your financial future together  with "the money talk" card game today! 

Not just another card game - "the money talk" is a fun and interactive way to build a stronger foundation for a lifetime of shared financial decisions and mutual support.


Open communication about finances is key to a strong and successful relationship.

Financial Planning

"the money talk" helps couples to create joint financial goals, budgeting, and strategizing for a secure and harmonious financial future.

Relationship Building

"the money talk" serves as a bonding experience to engage in financial discussions so important to strong financial foundations.

Exciting Additions Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our upcoming line of financial toolkits and interactive guides, specially crafted to further enhance your financial journey. From budgeting templates to in-depth financial planning resources, these new products will revolutionize how you manage your money together. 

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"Great conversation starter"

"Great way to get the conversation started. We are now starting off on the right foot for a successful marriage! "

Hilary F.

"Started lots of long, good conversations"

"The 'game' doesn't end when its over... had lots of thoughtful, productive conversations long after the cards were put away."

Steph G.

"Even though we don't agree financially..."

"Discovered my partner and I don't agree about a lot of our financial decisions while 'playing' the money talk. We have decided to keep our finances separate to avoid a lot of arguments! "

Debbie J. 

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