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Nearly half of all women over the age of 25 experience financial insecurity, which means they do not have enough money to pay their bills to meet their basic needs. The Feit Law Firm is on a mission to empower all women to live in financial security by transforming their financial expectations through learning, coaching sessions, personal one-on-one sessions, and using legal tools customized for your needs to build a future free from financial insecurity. Together, we are going to partner to change the world by bridging the gap between unaffordable and unapproachable law firms and the often ineffective DIY solutions that are popping up everywhere. The sad reality is that those DIY forms are not often upheld in court or otherwise enforceable. Our documents are customized for your needs and reviewed by attorneys before you ever see the final draft. While no document can ever be guaranteed to be upheld in court or enforceable, your odds are much more in your favor when the forms are customized to your needs. Let's change your world by empowering you! 


Q: Why should I consider legal services before getting married?
A:  By preparing legally before your marriage, you will take the necessary steps to protect your assets, plan for unforeseeable circumstances, and create a solid foundation for your marriage.  

Q: But I have no money. Will I still benefit from your legal services?
A: You do not have to have substantial assets to benefit from our legal services. Our services are designed to cater to all women seeking financial empowerment at every stage of this journey, including just starting out. We will work with you to tailor a plan that serves your unique situation. 

Q: Are your services for brides only or can engaged couples benefit as well?
A: Absolutely engaged couples can benefit from our services, and depending upon the services you choose, you might be better served to have both partners participate in the planning process. We are here to support you in creating a secure foundation for your life together.

Q: Can you help with financial planning for the wedding as well?
A: Absolutely. We will review all your vendor contracts, guide you in the creation of a reasonable budget, help you stay on course, and be the voice of reason, if needed, during a highly emotionally charged time.

Q: Are your online courses for women at any stage of life and marriage?
A: Our online course will launch in the spring of 2024! They are being designed to provide modules for women in all stages of life. Since the largest group of financially insecure women is over the age of 50 and nearing retirement, we intend to provide lessons specifically designed for women approaching retirement age.

Q: Aren't legal services REALLY expensive?
A: Our goal is to make these legal services affordable and within budget for as many families as possible. Because the cost of legal services is so secretive and obscured by the hourly billing model, there is virtually no transparency or certainty in legal fees from a traditional law firm. We are changing that by offering a flat fee schedule for the services we provide. Our goal is to provide you with transparency and certainty. We will provide our current fee sheet upon request.

Q: I'm already married. Is it too late for me to start my financial journey?
A: It is never too late to start your financial journey! Whether you are just getting married, are in a long-term marriage, or become single later in life, you can always take the steps toward financial security and away from financial insecurity. How your journey unfolds depends upon your situation and your goals. We are happy to help guide you through this process. While we currently offer legal tools to reach your goals, we will also offer education and hand-holding when you need it.

Q: I'm too young to think about estate planning.
A: No, estate planning is a life long process that can be used to plan for retirement and securing your legacy. Estate planning has progressed well beyond planning for end of life. Now, estate planning includes planning for retirement, planning for emergencies, planning for the education of your children (and yourself), and tax planning. These are just some of the reasons to start thinking about estate planning now. Estate plans should be reviewed and updated periodically to benefit from new or sunsetting laws, to account for changes in your life, and to ensure that your changing goals are met.

Q: A prenup is only for someone who doesn't believe in their marriage and is planning for a divorce.
A: A prenuptial agreement is not just for a divorce. However, isn't it better to agree on how you will divide your assets while you still like each other and care about each other, instead of at the lowest point in your relationship? Also, keep in mind you have a prenuptial agreement whether you draft one or not because the Florida legislature has already created the plan that will divide your assets as the law. So, if you divorce without a prenup, your assets will be divided under Florida's plan rather than your own. Do you think the state's plan will be fair to you? 

Q: What else can a prenuptial agreement do?
A: A prenup can outline your agreement for your financial future during marriage - how much can each of you spend without consulting with the other? Doesn't sound like a big deal now when you say "we don't have any money" or "my partner doesn't spend money," but ten years down the road when you have financial obligations related to your children and family, your partner may very well spend money without consulting you first and you will probably have money! This can set guidelines. A prenup can also allocate debt responsibility between the two of you - so, for example, who is responsible for paying the premarital debt of one of the partners. 

Estate planning with Wills: Your Roadmap to Security

  • What is a Will: ​​
  • A will is a legal document that outlines your wishes for the distribution of your assets and responsibilities after your passing. It provides you with the power to make decisions about how your estate is handled, from who inherits what to the appointment of guardians for your children.
  • What a Will Does:  A will serves as your voice beyond the grave, ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your preferences. It not only simplifies the inheritance process for your loved ones but also minimizes the risk of disputes and conflicts among heirs.
  • What is Probate: Probate is the legal process that verifies and carries out the instructions in your will after you pass away. It involves reviewing the document, settling debts, and distributing assets to beneficiaries.
  • Why is Probate Expensive: Probate can be costly due to court fees, attorney charges, and other associated expenses. It can also be a lengthy process, tying up assets and causing delays in asset distribution.
  • The benefits of Estate Planning with a Will: Estate planning with a will provides peace of mind and ensures your loved ones are cared for according to your wishes. It offers a structured way to manage your estate, minimize taxes, and simplify the inheritance process. It's an essential tool for safeguarding your legacy and preserving your family's financial security.
  • The Downside to Estate Planning with a Will: While wills are valuable, they may not be sufficient in complex situations. They can be subject to probate, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, they don't cover assets held in trusts or assets with named beneficiaries, which is something to consider for a comprehensive estate plan.

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